Cotton Field Dreams | Arizona Family Portrait Photographer

I've lived in the desert of Arizona for 11 years now and sometimes I still struggle to see the beauty right in my own backyard. I see it when I drive north to Flagstaff or Prescott and see forests of Saguaros. I see it at the Grand Canyon. I can even find the beauty in the stretch of highway between me and Kingman, where there are these amazing, naturally existing, piles of boulders that are perfectly balanced even though they look as though they will topple over should a semi honk his horn. 

But seeing the beauty of the northwest Phoenix valley can be a bit of a challenge for me. Until my husband drove me past some cotton fields. Oh my goodness, the fluffy white cotton bolls remind me of little puffs of snow, and the way they reflect the pinks and purples of our signature Arizona sunsets is pretty spectacular. I've dreamed of a sunset cotton field session since I first realized we had cotton fields in Arizona. 

Well, a few weeks ago, I worked with some amazing clients who have the same love affair with cotton fields as I do. They did all the legwork to secure permission and I grinned the whole way to their session, knowing all my dreams were about to come true. And guess what- it was just as magical as I had imagined. This cotton field family portrait session goes down in the books as a session I will never forget!