Birth Packages



A Fresh 48 session takes place within 48 hours of the birth of your baby, at the place of birth during daylight hours. This session is perfect for parents who wish to preserve those precious first days of life, without a full birth package.  These sessions are ideal for siblings meeting the new baby, baby's first bath or just to preserve those early hours of mom and dad loving on the new babe. Fresh 48 sessions should be scheduled in advance as I only schedule 1-2 births per month to ensure I am available at a moments notice to each birth client. 



* Pre-session consultation

* On call availability from weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy

* 1 hour of session time at the location of the birth, within 48  hours of the birth

* Online, downloadable gallery of 30+ images with print release



Birth story photography is an intimate experience in which you invite me into one of the most sacred moments of your life and I preserve precious moments so you can remember them for a lifetime. 

Birth photography holds a very special place in my heart. Next to my wedding day, the births of my four beautiful children have been the most exciting and emotional days of my life. I had the opportunity to have a birth photographer present for the arrivals of my last two babies and the emotions she captured are priceless... moments that I otherwise would have missed because I was a little busy having a baby! Like the moment my husband saw that after two girls, he had a son, or when I was handed my fourth child and the nurse recalls me saying "I knew it was you!" as I looked at him and recognized him immediately. These are priceless treasure that would have otherwise been forgotten in the hustle and chaos of having a baby, if not for my amazing birth photographer. 

I would love to help preserve moments like these for you! I have been photographing births for 7 years and have experience in all types of settings. From inductions to med free home births, scheduled c sections to emotionally charged emergency cesareans, I have seen it all. Now, let me help you see your birth, in a way you otherwise could not!



* Pre-session consultation

* On call availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy

* Unlimited photography time during labour and delivery and up to 2 hours after

* Online, downloadable gallery of 80+ images with print release



* Custom digital birth announcement using image from your birth story gallery with print release $50

* Digital slideshow of select images set to music $150

* Custom designed album of select images from your birth story gallery start at $400